NIE Weiping Go Academy was found by Chinese Go QiSheng(Grand Master) NIE Weiping in 1999. The Academy has raised 23 international and national Go champions, including KE Jie, ZHOU Ruiyang, FAN Tingyu and so on. Up to now, our academy runs two teams of Chinese Male Go Premier League, and one team of Chinese Female Go Premier League. In terms of Go education, there are 25 divisions of NIE’s Academy all over China in which more than 5,000 students are currently learning the game of Go.
    NIE Weiping International Go Academy is the online division of NIE Weiping Go Academy. It provides educational contents to Go enthusiasts all over the world. Our academy has a group of professional teachers in both Go technique and teaching experience. Our faculty will always be in touch with members of our International Go Academy, and accompany them with every step of their progress in the game of Go. What is more, we are ready to provide an intellectual platform on which every member will be able to get proper training of Life-and-Death problems.
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FAN Hui Professional Go player, 3 times winner of European Championship(2013-2015), has won more than 20 European Go tournaments. FAN is also known as the first human professional Go player who competed with AlphaGo, and he is currently member of the development team of AlphaGo.

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WU Hao Professional Go player, ranked first place of Chinese professional qualification tournament in 2014. He is also member of the champion team of Chinese Male Third League in 2015. In 2017, he has won the title of US Masters of the 33rd US Go congress.